Terms of service

Terms of use of the cashcom money network

1.1 The cashcom monetary system must not be used for terrorist or military purposes. We are a humanistic organization committed to peace and harmony.
1.2 Any User can use cashcom transaction statements to pay taxes in their country.
1.3 The user must not share his access data with third parties.
1.4 If the user loses his access data, backup recovery key and is unable to restore access using the recovery system and technical support, then he is personally responsible for his financial losses.
1.5 The user will be able to restore his access data if he indicates his correspondent friend/relative in the cashcom system as a recovery option or if he logs in from the IP address specified in the security system to the access data recovery section.
1.6 All financial transactions are carried out in cashcom currency and 1 cashcom=1USD[US dollar]. This allows you to avoid exchange rate conversion fees.
1.7 The user guarantees polite and correct communication with other cashcom members.
1.8 It is impossible to delete an account, since it is part of the network environment. This does not seem to be a problem for the User, since the accounts are completely anonymous and do not contain personal information.
Account blocking conditions

2.1 If the User violates clause 1.1
2.2 If the User commits fraudulent actions against other cashcom members.
2.3 If the User attempts to hack the system.
Conditions for storing personal information

3.1 The cashcom system does not store any personal information and does not require it from the User.
Terms of use and storage of cookies and sessions

4.1 The cashcom system does not store cookies and User sessions due to non-use of them.

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