System security A

Safety comes first in CASHCOM

1. Two-factor password verification without involving a third party
There are many options for two-factor verification now. This includes phone, email, Google Authenticator and many others. It is worth noting that these are unreliable methods. Google is often broken and it's only a matter of time before people's passwords end up in the hands of attackers. Mail is not serious. The telephone is a way for governments to identify individuals. In addition, it is quite possible to gain access to SMS messaging from your telephone provider; there are no serious technical difficulties. There are tens of thousands of such precedents. 
The CASHCOM security system has developed two-factor protection, built on cryptographic encryption and obtaining a total sum that is as impossible to decipher as an equation with 20 variables. This protection allows you to successfully repel any DPI attacks. And you can always be sure that there is no unreliable third party that can let you down. 

2. No sessions or cookies
Using client sessions and cookies is a favorite technique of hackers. But we simply don’t have them, so we won’t be able to use them. If you use advanced DPI tools, you can obtain a temporary key, but without two-factor verification it is useless.

3. No BRUTE-attack
Password brute force is a good hacking method. But we won't succeed. Entering your password incorrectly for the first time will freeze you for 5 minutes. The second one is for 1 hour. Third for a day. And further in progression. 

4. You can't find out your wallet account
All wallet names are unique and cryptographically encrypted. Transfers of funds are made to temporary cryptographic details. Therefore, it is not possible to access the account name.

5. Account recovery
In the Account section -> Security You can create a backup key and install it on a flash drive. If you suddenly forget your password, you can always use the backup key on the flash drive.

6. Login via IP
Login via IP is perfect security. With this level of access, no one will ever gain access to your account. We have this too.

CASHCOM security was handled by former hackers, so it was organized at the highest level.

  Abount CASHCOM A
Cashcom  This is an innovative money network that has many advantages, the main ones being benefits and minimal commissions. CASHCOM's jurisdiction is the democratic island of ERI, in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, CASHCOM is not subject to the laws of other countries.
1. Withdrawal of money occurs through cryptocurrencies, P2P and through participants in person. Commissions for withdrawal are minimal, from 0.5 to 2%. Transfers within the system 0.1%.
2. System security is based on cryptographic acceptance. Even if traffic is intercepted using DPI, it is impossible to obtain a PIN from a complex sum.
3. All CASHCOM accounts are completely anonymous. Today, everyone believes that cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous. This is wrong. Using the blockchain and network, you can contact the owner of the wallet and find out all the transactions on the blockchain. Anonymity in our system is the absence of identification, telephone numbers, mail and temporary cryptographic wallet addresses.
4. Everyone gets a reward!
Each participant in the CASHCOM money network has its own environment. The system automatically calculates this environment and as soon as this environment begins to make financial transactions, the user immediately begins to receive a small monetary reward. These are small amounts, but with increasing turnover they can grow significantly. 

  Accepting money from CASHCOM A

How to accept money in CASHCOM? Easy!

In the Account section -> Accepting payments create a token. Then in the Account -> Settings, configure response of our server and get examples. Then perform the installation. Our technical support will assist you.
The fee for accepting payments is 0.35%.

  Is it true that wallets are anonymous? A

Accounts in CASHCOM are completely anonymous!

In order to deprive a person of freedom, his every action  is verified and for this purpose there is complete identification in each financial system. Even cryptocurrency wallets can be tracked through the blockchain, and through networks you can go to the exchange and demand personal data. And all these exchanges, Bybit, Binance and others, will give out the user’s personal data at the very first federal request. CASHCOM's jurisdiction does not overlap with the jurisdictions of other countries, as we are located on the ERI Island in the Indian Ocean. Our system does not contain personal data, telephone numbers, or email. All accounts are completely anonymous.

  How does technical support work? A

Technical support at CASHCOM

Technical support  works around the clock, 24/7. Service occurs via ticket intrachat.

  Cash withdrawal through participants A

Each participant in CASHCOM can help withdraw money and earn money

The meaning of the CASHCOM money network is that each of its participants is a potential "ATM" for withdrawing cash. This is beneficial for everyone, because upon withdrawal you can earn from 0.5 to 2% (no more) of the amount. It is safe because the system is reliably protected from fraudsters. Reputation points, statistics (number of transactions, reviews, period of business activity) and funds blocked for the duration of the transaction, all this is too complex a system in which a fraudster simply will not have a chance.

  Scenario for withdrawing cash through participants A

Withdrawing money from CASHCOM is easy!

1. Search and selection
In the Translation section -> Withdrawal must be selected via the CASHCOM network. Then select your city from the list and then the most advantageous offer (amount, withdrawal percentage, participant’s reputation). Then arrange a meeting via chat. At this moment, the declared amount in the account is blocked until the transaction is completed.

2. Meeting
At the meeting, after exchanging greetings, you need to count the cash and click on the “Cash received” button. After this, your opponent confirms the receipt of funds to his account through the “Cash transferred” button. That's it, the deal is done!

  Receiving a transfer to CASHCOM A

Receive your first transfer to CASHCOM? Easy!

In the Translations section -> Wallet addresses You need to create a wallet address by clicking on Add address. Then send this address to the person who will translate and wait for the transfer.

  Bonus reward system A

Each participant in CASHCOM automatically receives bonuses and rewards

Each participant in the CASHCOM money network has its own environment. These are 10 active (who logged into the system <3 days ago) Users registered before him. As soon as the User makes any financial transaction, the environment receives a bonus in the amount of a small percentage of the total pie.
These are small amounts, but with increasing turnover they can grow significantly. And for this you don’t need to do anything at all!
You can find your bonus account on the main page. You can exchange bonuses for real money at any time.

Thus, the system has an affiliate program, according to which each user who refers another user begins to receive a growing percentage of his financial transactions. More details can be found in the Account section after logging in.

  CASHCOM works with bank cards? A

CASHCOM has no cards

This is explained by the fact that any bank card system in the modern world is a lottery. Some cards work, some don't. Cards get hacked all the time. Cards are often blocked. Through maps you can track your location. The card is a complete identification of the individual. Financial transactions using a card always involve monstrous commissions, not to mention how much banks charge for currency exchange conversions. Plus card service. Bank cards are a convenience for a slave who pays dearly for this very convenience, paying with money and his time. 
CASHCOM is a money network, financial freedom based on people.

  First transfer in the system A

Make your first transfer to CASHCOM? Easy!

In the Translations section -> Transfer requires entering the wallet address or selecting a correspondent from existing templates. Then enter the amount. If you want to add a wallet address to templates, select the appropriate option. You can also protect your translation with a protection code (a number from 1 to 4 digits).

  Common terms A

Start accepting payments with CASHCOM!

The system commission is only 0.35%
No registrations or complicated documentation!

Want to get started quickly? Nothing could be easier!

1. Create a token in Account -> Accepting payments
2. Configure our server’s response about the completed payment there
3. Get a _GET link to the payment form on our website and install it on yours.

And you can start accepting payments!


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