Deposit/withdrawal of cash through participants with minimal commissions
Withdrawal commission from 0.5 till 2%
Anonymity and a unique security system
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With any transaction of your environment you get a bonus
No personal data - complete anonymity
Withdrawal of money to other systems from 0.5 to 2%
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0% commission in many online shops

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Not entering a password makes using the wallet secure

Screen entry of a pin code - a new level of security

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cashcom MANIFEST

Banks have always used us. Although they should perform only one simple function - to manage our money. But they have become a kind of state irreplaceable institution, as necessary as a passport or driver's license. They got the right to rule our lives and deprive us of our rights and our freedom. They gave us plastic and ephemeral bills that can disappear at the press of a button from the “man of power.” They can deprive any person of freedom in a second, zeroing out his ephemeral account. They deprived us of the feeling that we really have significant money.

Payment systems are currently imperfect. Crypto wallets are easily tracked in the blockchain system and have high internal fees. Most payment systems require full identification, which violates a person’s rights to financial freedom. cashcom gives you this financial freedom. Given our legal location on an island in the Indian Ocean, we have the right not to be subject to any external jurisdiction.

The commissions of most systems are terrible and when you receive the money "in your hands", you realize that you have paid the entire chain of intermediaries up to 10% or more of the original amount. The cashcom system uses minimal commissions. This is 0.1% for any transfer within the network. This is from 0.5% to 2% for cash deposit/withdrawal. No hidden fees for currency conversions or back-and-forth transfers.

Cash social network cashcom is a system without banks and ATMs, consisting of ordinary people. Anyone can become a participant in financial transactions and make money from it. This is financial freedom based on the people themselves!
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